Track Link Guard

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Place of origin:China

Brand name:PT’ZM

Minimum order quantity: 1 PC

Supply Ability: 50000 PCS/month

Price: Negotiate

Delivery time: 7-30 days

Payment term: L/C T/T

Price term: FOB/ CIF/ CFR

Application: Bulldozer & Crawler excavator

Custom-made or OEM is acceptable

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What are the advantages of the track link guard

The utility model relates to a new track link guard used in excavator and bulldozer. The chain guard frame with high structural strength can effectively prevent the de-chaining of the wear and tear, which leads to the over-limit and off-track of the excavator bulldozer tracks. It can better prevent de-chaining and play a very important role. Its characteristic is that the two parallel erection of arch board on both before and after the two pieces of the base plate and bottom central to arch each set has vaulted recess, each of the base plate for right Angle bend, each arch plate before and after the two sides to the bottom with the base plate on the bending surface fastening, each arch plate bending under the bottom with the base plate of fastening, each of the base plate bending under the two below The sides are respectively provided with a circular fastening hole, and the middle of the inner side of the lower bending surface of each bottom corner plate is provided with a square positioning groove. The utility model has the advantages of novel structure, more regular shape, more scientific structure combination, more advanced technology, standard material, high strength, more stable quality, more firm and durable, and longer service life.

Some common problems lead to excavator bulldozer caterpillar dechain

1. Dechain caused by tensioning adjuster cylinder failure.
At this time, should check whether the tightening oil cylinder forget to beat butter, see whether the tightening oil cylinder oil leakage phenomenon.
2. Dechain caused by severe wear of track link.
If used for a long time, the track is definitely worn, and the wear of the chain tendons, chain barrel and other components on the track will also lead to the track chain.
3. Disconnection caused by wear of chain protector.
Now almost all excavators have chain protectors on the crawler, and the chain protectors can play a very important role in preventing decoupling, so it is also very important to check whether the chain protectors are worn.
4. drive motor gear ring wear caused by the chain.
For the gear ring of the drive motor, if the wear is serious, we need to replace it, which is also an important reason for the chain of the excavator.
5. Disconnection caused by damage of carrier roller and track roller.
In general, oil leakage of the sprocket seal will lead to serious wear of the sprocket, which will lead to the de-chaining of the crawler.
6. Dechain caused by damage of front idler.
When looking at the front idlre, it is necessary to check that the screws on the front idler are not missing or broken.There is no change in the slot of the front idler.

How to avoid derailment of excavator bulldozer chian

1.When walking on the site, please try to put the walking motor behind the walking to reduce the extrusion of the sprocket.
2. The continuous walking time of the machine shall not exceed 2 hours, and the time of walking on the construction site shall be reduced as far as possible. If necessary, it is suggested to walk after a short stopover.
3.when walking to avoid the protruding hard objects, so as not to cause the stress set on the rail chain.
4. Confirm the tightness of the track, adjust the track tightly in soft places such as soil, and adjust the track loosly when walking on stones.Too loose or too tight is not good. Too loose will cause the track to derail easily, and too tight will cause the chain sleeve to wear too fast.
5. often check whether there are stones involved in the crawler and other foreign bodies, if there is need to clean up.
6.working on a muddy site, often idling the soil deposited in the track row.
7. Try to avoid the excavator turning in situ.
8. Check the rail protector and the welded rail protector under the guide wheel regularly.

Product detail information

Description: Track Link Guard
Place of origin: China
Brand name: PT'ZM
Model number

Price: Negotiate
Packaging details: Fumigate seaworthy packing
Delivery time: 7-30 days
Payment term: L/C T/T
Price term: FOB/ CIF/ CFR
Minimum order quantity: 1 PC
Supply Ability: 50000 PCS/month

Material: Q345
Technique: Forging
Finish: Smooth
Hardness: HRC55-68

Quality: mining operation heavy duty high-end quality
Warranty time: 24 monthes
After-sales service: Video technical support,Online support
Color: Black or Yellow or Customer required
Application: Bulldozer & Crawler excavator

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