Track Link Chain Assembly

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Place of origin: China
Brand name: PT’ZM
Model number D11
Price: Negotiate
Packaging details: Fumigate seaworthy packing
Delivery time: 7-30 days

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What is the difference between a bulldozer and an excavator Track link chain assembly Chain

The force on the excavator track link assembly chain is mainly longitudinal supporting force, and the working parts are concentrated in the big arm cylinder and bucket.
Bulldozer is mainly walking work, its weight of more than 20 tons plus full load thrust is very large, It is mainly through the horizontal pull of the chain to make the vehicle walking work, so the general performance of the bulldozer chain is better than the excavator, Material quality is generally wear-resistant 3MnB steel forging.
There is a gap between the weight and the cross section of the chain. It is a waste of the bulldozer chain when it is used on the excavator. It will take less than long for the excavator chain to be used on the bulldozer.

What are the advantages of our bulldozer track link chain assembly

The chain material is 35MnB forged, and the link and pin are 40Cr. Integral quenching and tempering heat treatment, internal and external medium frequency. Internal and external precision polishing finish up to 0.2 . All processes are processed by CNC vertical machining center. So as to achieve high precision, more wear-resistant, longer service life. After the assembly is completed, the finished product is shot blasted as a whole again. The appearance of the chain is made of advanced environment-friendly water-based paint with stronger adhesion, making the overall appearance more beautiful and high-end.

Track link chain assembly detail information

Product detail information
Description: Track link chain assembly  MINING OPERATION
Place of origin: China
Brand name: PT'ZM
Model number D11
Price: Negotiate
Packaging details: Fumigate seaworthy packing
Delivery time: 7-30 days
Payment term: L/C T/T
Price term: FOB/ CIF/ CFR
Minimum order quantity: 1 PC
Supply Ability: 10000 PCS/month
Material: 35MnB /40Cr
Technique: Forging
Finish: Smooth
Hardness: HRC45-55
Quality: mining operation
Warranty time: 1600hours
After-sales service: Video technical support, Online support
Color: Yellow or Black or Customer required
Application: Bulldozer & Crawler excavator

Factory raw material

  • bottom roller material
  • bulldzoer idler material factories_
  • excavator  front idler manufacturers
  • suport roller ass
  • track link pin
  • track roller  material
  • front idler pin
  • track roller material
  • undercarriag parts idler  material

Factory workshop detail

  • undercarriage parts printing
  • track roller  test machine
  • track roller  machine
  • Track link chain machine
  • sprocket  machine
  • excavator undercarriage parts casting factories
  • excavator track link warehouse _
  • bulldozer undercarriage parts forge factories
  • bulldozer bottom roller warehouse

Packing method and shipping container details

  • dozer track roller packing method
  • bulldozer track roller  load in ship container
  • carrier roller loading in container
  • bulldozer track chain packing method
  • container load finish
  • excavator track link packing method
  • front idler  packing method
  • loading idler in container
  • top roller  packing method

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