What is an idler on excavator and bulldozer

The idler wheels produced by Pingtai can be used in the range of 0.8-200 tons.The latest automated design and manufacturing processes ensure the quality of products.We use selected high quality steel, using forging and casting processes.Induction quenching technology is used to obtain the best performance under extreme weather conditions.We assemble them according to the latest quality standards using seals of our own design.We do the final assembly of idler sets on specially set production lines with checkpoints to ensure quality.For example, automatic refueling systems, and crack and leak testing. Bulldozer special idler wheels are manufactured according to OEM standards.The bulldozer does a lot of moving in its daily work, and there is a lot of contact between the idler and the rail link.Selection of high quality steel is important, to the idler running surface specific process, we use a special molding method to prevent the formation of gas in the material.In addition, special surface heat treatment ensures better depth hardening, allowing the molded material to cool in a controlled manner.This prevents cracks from forming in the process.Make the service life of the product longer.

idler D50

Post time: Dec-30-2021