How to maintain long – term out of service bulldozer accessories tips

The advent of bulldozers helped us solve the problem of digging earth and rocks.But bulldozers will not be used for some time because of the changing seasons.But in order not to affect the next use, the need for regular maintenance of shandong bulldozer parts.Do you know how to maintain the unused part of bulldozer

1. Preparation before parking.

Clean all parts of the bulldozer accessories, and then put the machine in a dry room, not outside.
If necessary, if placed outside, choose a flat floor, covered with wood.After parking, you should cover it with a cloth.Perform maintenance work such as oil supply, grease and oil change.
The exposed parts of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod and guide wheel adjustment rod shall be coated with butter.For the battery, remove the "negative" and cover the battery, or remove it from the vehicle and store it separately.If the cold water is not discharged when the temperature is below 0℃, antifreeze should be added to the cooling water.

2. Storage when parking.

During the parking period, the bulldozer is started once a month to drive a short distance in order to establish a new oil film on the lubricating part of each part and prevent the parts from rusting. When operating the working device, remove the grease coated on the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder, and then apply the grease after operation.To charge the battery, the excavator must be turned off while charging.

3. Pay attention after parking.

After a long shutdown, if during the shutdown of the end of each month for anti-rust operation, before use, bulldozer accessories should be treated as follows: open the oil pan and each box oil plug, discharge mixed water. Remove the cylinder head, fill the air valve and rocker arm with oil, understand the working state of the air valve, if there is any abnormality, The dozer is placed in a vacuum state without diesel injection, and the dozer is rotated with a starter. Only in this way can the dozer start.

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Post time: Nov-07-2021