How to maintain excavator undercarriage parts

Before we have talked about a lot of things about excavator maintenance, today we talk about what excavator chassis needs to be maintained and maintained.Chassis needs to maintain nothing more than support roller , Carrier roller , sprocket, idler and track chain assembly.So today we only talk about how to maintain the four wheel area.

Excavator undercarriage parts

First track roller maintenance should avoid long-term immersion in the mud, and many sites are all of mud, and in general the site will be a perennial water to prevent leakage of dust, so lead to basic on the site are all kinds of dirt, when we were at the completion of a certain job, should be regularly to those who cling to clean up dirt in the above, Especially in winter, we must pay attention to keep the support roller dry.Support roller damage will cause many faults, such as walking deviation, walking weakness, etc.


The carrier roller is located on the X frame, which is an important tool to ensure that the excavator can walk in a straight line. If the carrier roller is damaged, it will lead to the deviation of your excavator.The carrier roller needs to be injected with lubricating oil. If oil leakage is found, a new carrier roller needs to be updated.So usually we should pay more attention to the above cleaning, the large piece of soil after the completion of the work are easy to clean up, to avoid blocking the carrier roller after solidification.

carrier roller

The idler assembly is located in front of the X frame. It is composed of the idler and the tensing spring with cylinder assembly. It is an important tool to keep moving forward in the walking process of the excavator.If the idler is broken, it may cause friction between the chain rails, and the tension spring cylinder assembly will also suffer a lot of friction impact, so the idler is also very important to maintain.


The driving wheel is located at the back of the X frame, which is directly fixed on the surface of the X plus without shock absorption function. If the driving wheel walks in front of the X frame, it will not only have abnormal wear on the driving ring and chain rail, but also have adverse effects on the X frame, and the X frame may have early cracking and other problems.We should always open the drive wheel guard plate to clean the inside of the stolen goods, to avoid excessive accumulation in the process of walking wear motor tubing, and corrosion of tubing joints.


Crawler is mainly composed of track shoes and track chain . When walking, gravel will sometimes be stuck in the gap between the two track shoes. When it comes into contact with the ground, the two track shoes will be squeezed, and the track shoes is prone to bending deformation.Therefore, according to the different construction road conditions, it is necessary to adjust the track tension.

track chain
track shoes

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Post time: Oct-11-2021