How to maintain and manage crawler bulldozer chassis

Crawler bulldozer is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in mining technology.Mines currently use brands such as Komatsu Caterpillar.The annual undercarriage parts maintenance cost of these crawler bulldozers accounts for about 60% of the total maintenance cost.Users choose high-end quality and good after-sales service is very important.The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance and management of bulldozer chassis system

1.The chassis structure

The chassis of a crawler bulldozer consists of  track shoe,  chain joint, track roller, idler, a tension-cylinder, a crawler frame, a drive sprocket, a balance beam, a central pivot and their respective associated components.


2.Wear factor of chassis

The wear factor of chassis is mainly determined by three factors: the ground condition in contact with chassis, the speed of equipment movement and the load of equipment.Only these 3 elements are satisfied entirely, ability causes the wear and tear of chassis.

Chassis of wear factors can be summarized as again, can control the aspects, including track chain tightness adjustment, the width of the segments (can choose), the equipment movement speed and distance, chassis move parts wear degree of mutual cooperation and lubrication conditions, the usage of steering system, chassis and sliding on the ground, and the driver's operation skills, etc.Uncontrollable aspects, including the material in contact with the chassis, the impact load formed with the material during the movement, the formation of the chassis surface attachment and the moisture of the ground, etc.


Komatsu D275 sprocket segment


3.Maintenance of chassis

Caterpillar bulldozer seriers of D9, D10 and D11 use chain seal is steel seal, its sealing is very good, wear life of about 4000H.At close to 4000H, the seal began to leak oil, causing dry friction to the coupling pin.To maximize chassis life, link seals must be replaced near 4000H in use.

The average life of the seal of the link is 4000H, but the life of the link varies depending on the use and the surface. In fact, the life of the link is 3000-5000h.If the equipment works badly and travels long distances frequently, the life of the link seal will be reduced.In order to prolong the service life of the chain link, after the service life exceeds 3000H, the seal should be checked frequently for leakage. Once the leakage is found, all the seal of the chain link should be replaced immediately. At the same time, the coupling pin sleeve should be checked for damage, otherwise the chain pin, pin sleeve, chain link will soon be scrapped.

The height of the whole track shoes should be consistent, so that the operation of the whole car body is more stable, walking vibration is reduced, and the service life of sealing and wear-resisting parts is improved.When the wear degree of the track plate reaches or is less than 100% of the allowable value (that is, the root height of the track plate is 38mm), the track shoes should be removed and repaired. When the wear degree exceeds 120% of the allowable value (the root height is only 25.5mm), the track plate has no repair value.

caterpillar D10 IDLER bulldozer
caterpillar D10 IDLER

The wear parts of the frame include: track roller, idler, carrier roller, sprocket and tensioning cylinders and other moving parts.For these moving parts to often observe the movement of the situation, every 2000H to check the fastening bolts of each part of the fastening situation, the replacement of the weight wheel unilateral and bilateral position, every 2500H to the car frame pin a lubrication.When the diameter of the wear of the track roller reaches or approaches 217.5mm(the wear amount of the idler is close to or achieves 100% of the allowed value), namely, the wear amount should be replaced in time when 32.5mm, and it is very important to choose high-end character and good after-sales service to produce undercarriage manufacturer.

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